Places you must see in Africa

Places you Must See In Africa

To visit the most important ancient civilizations of humanity or find the wildest side of the world are things that can only be done in Africa. Within the places you must see in Africa you will find secrets and treasures waiting to be uncovered by the most adventurous, the most intrepid and the most savage. Join us in this travel through some places that you really should see in Africa.


Africa is characterized by its abundant wildlife, and in Tanzania we can find the largest animal migration in the world, where millions of animals migrate from the Ngorongoro reserve in Tanzania, through the Serengeti in June and ending at the Masai Mara in Kenya, all before going south again. Sincerely, the images do not honor the experience of being there while all these wild creatures fight for their survival.



If you like animal life, you will love this destination, because this is where we find the mountain gorillas, a species currently in danger of extinction, but that for decades has fascinated man with his behavior. It is in Rwanda where you can meet them and you can experience the experience of seeing these incredible creatures up close.



If there is a place you should see in Africa, that is undoubtedly Kenya, where you will enjoy being able to see up close different animals in their wildest state with the numerous safaris that are offered here.

If this still does not convince you, you can also enjoy one of the most famous lakes in the world, where more than one million flamingos reside, who are responsible for painting the landscape in pink and offering all those who visit it incredible choreographies executed to perfection, simply something unique to see.



Egypt brings us many options to visit, starting with the Great Pyramid of Giza, which together with the Sphinx are proof of how important life was for human beings after death. In the valley of the kings we can find at least 63 tombs of pharaohs, including the most famous, that of Tutankhamun, not for nothing is one of the most important and fascinating archaeological sites in the world.


Dunes of the Sahara

The most friendly part of the largest desert in the world, can be accessed from Morocco, its impressive sand dunes are exciting for all those who like extreme sports in the sand and the starry sky totally free of light pollution. A trip to this stunning desert will leave you impressed.


Mount Kilimanjaro

With its 19,340 feet in height Kili is the highest mountain in Africa. It is also home to numerous ecosystems from deserts, through rainforests and even agricultural areas. The view from the Uhru point of the mountain, which is easily attainable by anyone in good physical condition, leaves you breathless, although scientists say that global warming will change Kili a lot in less than two decades. It is best to see this spectacular mountain that is surrounded by one of the best wildlife parks in all of Africa, it is a place you really must visit to complete your experience as a traveler.

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