The most beautiful places to visit in south-America

Places To Visit South America

South America is undoubtedly a magical continent that caught the Spaniards when they first arrived, the new continent, as they called it, continues to magically attract many tourists who are enchanted by its beauty. The cuisine, history and culture of South America is so rich that it is impossible to resist visiting it. We can make a list of the thousands or millions of places to visit throughout the continent, but the truly beautiful ones are those that we will present below:


Macchu Picchu


Ancient things never cease to amaze us no matter how much time passes, this is the case of the ruins of Machu Picchu, located in Peru, between the mountains and the Urubamba River, it is one of the main symbols of Peru, the Incas and of the entire continent, a magical destination that makes you wonder what happened to its inhabitants and how they disappeared without a trace. Just seeing it once is not enough, so be prepared to stay wanting more magic.




Known as the lung of the world, the jungle of the Amazon crosses several countries of South America, it is so large and vast that it harbors many species that can only be found here.

This imposing jungle also has what is the largest river in the world, which contains more water than the other three largest rivers that follow, and that runs through several countries, it is estimated that it has one fifth of all fresh water in all the planet. Enjoy navigating this river is one of the most extraordinary experiences in the world.


Salar de Uyuni


Surely you wonder what spectacular could offer a salt, but once you get there you realize that you have come to a place out of this world, where up and down are not distinguished and the landscape becomes unique. A natural wonder with an excellent story behind it, come and let yourself be captivated by the magic of salar.


Perito Moreno Glacier


We arrived to the south of the continent to observe what could be called the most famous glacier in the world, almost 8 kilometers wide and 60 meters above the Argentine side. Located in the Glacier National Park, it also has more than 300 glaciers that will not fail to amaze you, a wonder that must surely be seen before the human being ends up destroying it completely.


Galapagos Islands


If you are one of those who like science, coming where Charles Darwin himself formulated his theory of evolution is something you have to do in South America. The islands have the largest population of endemic species in the world.


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