How to respond to an emergency in a road trip

A road trip is a very pleasant and liberating experience that fill your spirit with beautiful sensations and your mind with amazing memories, the feeling is awesome, taking your vehicle and just drive and drive, until you reach a dreamed destination and then you will drive back home with your soul full of joy, your mind full of peace and your suitcase full of souvenirs.


The experience is truly amazing, but it is not free of risks whatsoever, you’re going to spend a long time on the road, driving in your car and exposed to dangers and unexpected events. You must be very careful and provident in order to minimize the risks inherent to road trips.


Be provident


Before you start a road trip, you must do some things like:


Do some research about your destination and roads, download some apps in your smart devices with information about tourist places, maps, available services, etc.


Prepare or acquire a first-aid kit with all the necessary for your health in the event of any emergency occurs, you  should add any medication that you or any person of your group may be using, take in count that you may need more if you’re delayed for unexpected events.


Take with you some important items, such as working flashlight with backup batteries, warm clothes and blankets, cell phone charger, a fully charged backup battery for your cell phone, bottled water, non-perishable food, etc.


Get your car fully and exhaustively inspected before travelling, and add to your car-kit all that you may need like: jumper cables, safety triangles, tow rope, tire inflator, light sticks, among others.


As part of your precaution measures, you should get information about the tow truck services available in the area you´re going to visit, that could save you in case of emergency with your vehicle on the road, many companies have websites you can access since your smartphone, there are many business that render their services in determined states or cities, like Tampa Tow Truck Services for example.


What to do in case of emergency


First position your vehicle in a safe place, to minimize the chance of being hit by another vehicle, then try to fix the problem if you can.


Call attention of other drivers using safety triangles.


Call for help, if your cell phone has no signal and you have to walk to another place in order to get signal or help, leave a note in your windshield explaining your emergency and what you´re doing.


If possible, wait for help inside your vehicle, you will be protected of weather and less exposed to some risks.

The most beautiful places to visit in south-America

South America is undoubtedly a magical continent that caught the Spaniards when they first arrived, the new continent, as they called it, continues to magically attract many tourists who are enchanted by its beauty. The cuisine, history and culture of South America is so rich that it is impossible to resist visiting it. We can make a list of the thousands or millions of places to visit throughout the continent, but the truly beautiful ones are those that we will present below:


Macchu Picchu


Ancient things never cease to amaze us no matter how much time passes, this is the case of the ruins of Machu Picchu, located in Peru, between the mountains and the Urubamba River, it is one of the main symbols of Peru, the Incas and of the entire continent, a magical destination that makes you wonder what happened to its inhabitants and how they disappeared without a trace. Just seeing it once is not enough, so be prepared to stay wanting more magic.




Known as the lung of the world, the jungle of the Amazon crosses several countries of South America, it is so large and vast that it harbors many species that can only be found here.

This imposing jungle also has what is the largest river in the world, which contains more water than the other three largest rivers that follow, and that runs through several countries, it is estimated that it has one fifth of all fresh water in all the planet. Enjoy navigating this river is one of the most extraordinary experiences in the world.


Salar de Uyuni


Surely you wonder what spectacular could offer a salt, but once you get there you realize that you have come to a place out of this world, where up and down are not distinguished and the landscape becomes unique. A natural wonder with an excellent story behind it, come and let yourself be captivated by the magic of salar.


Perito Moreno Glacier


We arrived to the south of the continent to observe what could be called the most famous glacier in the world, almost 8 kilometers wide and 60 meters above the Argentine side. Located in the Glacier National Park, it also has more than 300 glaciers that will not fail to amaze you, a wonder that must surely be seen before the human being ends up destroying it completely.


Galapagos Islands


If you are one of those who like science, coming where Charles Darwin himself formulated his theory of evolution is something you have to do in South America. The islands have the largest population of endemic species in the world.


How to find the best place to stay when arriving to a new country

The place where we will stay during our trip will represent a large percentage of the total expenditure we are going to make, so it is important that we choose a good site, since this depends, to a large extent, on our trip being unforgettable or a total nightmare. To begin with, you have to define what you are going to do during your trip and how much comfort you are willing to sacrifice to save money or to live a different experience.


If you plan to stay in a hotel you have to keep in mind that the best hotels do not always have to be the most expensive, you just have to keep these small points in mind and decide which of them you can sacrifice to a greater or lesser extent.



You have to keep in mind what you want to do on your trip, and depending on it the location of the hotel is extremely important. If you want to be in the center of the tourist area a few minutes from the center maybe the hotels are more expensive; On the other hand, if you can afford a hotel not so central and further away from the tourist area you can save some money that you can spend on some whom you have during the trip.



Nothing says excellent quality of a hotel that the cleaning of it, not in all the hotels the cleaning is equally rigorous, if you are one of those people, like me, who can not stand being in a dirty room and less if it’s not up to you do the cleaning, maybe you do not want to save on this aspect and choose a hotel where cleaning is an almost religious norm.


Access to public transport

Many times this is usually the only method of transport, if we take into account that paying a taxi during our entire trip can make it excessively expensive, it is useless to choose a budget hotel if we save everything in taxis. Renting a car for a short trip is also usually a big expense considering that we have to pay for gas and insurance for the car.



If you are one of those people who can not live without being connected, no matter where they are, it is important that you certify that the use of Wi-Fi is, at least, free. This will avoid having to pay an excessive cost to be connected with your friends and family.



The best hotels are those that offer you a good breakfast, so you can enjoy the local cuisine without having to spend too much money. When you travel you realize that usually the restaurants do not offer local breakfasts, if you really want to live a complete experience look for a hotel that offers you a local breakfast.


Now, what is the best way to know each and every one of the previous points? Simple, check the reviews of other travelers. Nothing more sincere than the opinion of a traveler who recommends or not a hotel. Avoid those hotels whose reviews are very bad or do not have reviews. Do not limit yourself to read only the reviews of a hotel on a single web page, search for reviews of different websites so that you have a more complete opinion of the hotel in which you intend to stay. Finding a good hotel is not easy, but it’s worth the effort.

Places you must see in Africa

To visit the most important ancient civilizations of humanity or find the wildest side of the world are things that can only be done in Africa. Within the places you must see in Africa you will find secrets and treasures waiting to be uncovered by the most adventurous, the most intrepid and the most savage. Join us in this travel through some places that you really should see in Africa.


Africa is characterized by its abundant wildlife, and in Tanzania we can find the largest animal migration in the world, where millions of animals migrate from the Ngorongoro reserve in Tanzania, through the Serengeti in June and ending at the Masai Mara in Kenya, all before going south again. Sincerely, the images do not honor the experience of being there while all these wild creatures fight for their survival.



If you like animal life, you will love this destination, because this is where we find the mountain gorillas, a species currently in danger of extinction, but that for decades has fascinated man with his behavior. It is in Rwanda where you can meet them and you can experience the experience of seeing these incredible creatures up close.



If there is a place you should see in Africa, that is undoubtedly Kenya, where you will enjoy being able to see up close different animals in their wildest state with the numerous safaris that are offered here.

If this still does not convince you, you can also enjoy one of the most famous lakes in the world, where more than one million flamingos reside, who are responsible for painting the landscape in pink and offering all those who visit it incredible choreographies executed to perfection, simply something unique to see.



Egypt brings us many options to visit, starting with the Great Pyramid of Giza, which together with the Sphinx are proof of how important life was for human beings after death. In the valley of the kings we can find at least 63 tombs of pharaohs, including the most famous, that of Tutankhamun, not for nothing is one of the most important and fascinating archaeological sites in the world.


Dunes of the Sahara

The most friendly part of the largest desert in the world, can be accessed from Morocco, its impressive sand dunes are exciting for all those who like extreme sports in the sand and the starry sky totally free of light pollution. A trip to this stunning desert will leave you impressed.


Mount Kilimanjaro

With its 19,340 feet in height Kili is the highest mountain in Africa. It is also home to numerous ecosystems from deserts, through rainforests and even agricultural areas. The view from the Uhru point of the mountain, which is easily attainable by anyone in good physical condition, leaves you breathless, although scientists say that global warming will change Kili a lot in less than two decades. It is best to see this spectacular mountain that is surrounded by one of the best wildlife parks in all of Africa, it is a place you really must visit to complete your experience as a traveler.