How to respond to an emergency in a road trip

A road trip is a very pleasant and liberating experience that fill your spirit with beautiful sensations and your mind with amazing memories, the feeling is awesome, taking your vehicle and just drive and drive, until you reach a dreamed destination and then you will drive back home with your soul full of joy, your mind full of peace and your suitcase full of souvenirs.


The experience is truly amazing, but it is not free of risks whatsoever, you’re going to spend a long time on the road, driving in your car and exposed to dangers and unexpected events. You must be very careful and provident in order to minimize the risks inherent to road trips.


Be provident


Before you start a road trip, you must do some things like:


Do some research about your destination and roads, download some apps in your smart devices with information about tourist places, maps, available services, etc.


Prepare or acquire a first-aid kit with all the necessary for your health in the event of any emergency occurs, you  should add any medication that you or any person of your group may be using, take in count that you may need more if you’re delayed for unexpected events.


Take with you some important items, such as working flashlight with backup batteries, warm clothes and blankets, cell phone charger, a fully charged backup battery for your cell phone, bottled water, non-perishable food, etc.


Get your car fully and exhaustively inspected before travelling, and add to your car-kit all that you may need like: jumper cables, safety triangles, tow rope, tire inflator, light sticks, among others.


As part of your precaution measures, you should get information about the tow truck services available in the area you´re going to visit, that could save you in case of emergency with your vehicle on the road, many companies have websites you can access since your smartphone, there are many business that render their services in determined states or cities, like Tampa Tow Truck Services for example.


What to do in case of emergency


First position your vehicle in a safe place, to minimize the chance of being hit by another vehicle, then try to fix the problem if you can.


Call attention of other drivers using safety triangles.


Call for help, if your cell phone has no signal and you have to walk to another place in order to get signal or help, leave a note in your windshield explaining your emergency and what you´re doing.


If possible, wait for help inside your vehicle, you will be protected of weather and less exposed to some risks.